International Forester

Forester Jacket

Our Forester tweed hooded jacket has made it all the way to The Falklands.

Our most recent bit of customer ‘tweedback’ has travelled almost 8,000 miles to get to our Dorset studio. It comes from Matt, who’s all the way out in The Falkland Islands.

I was out this morning for a morning’s wildfowling and the Forester jacket kept me nice and warm until the sun came up properly. I then switched over to the custom gilet you did for me over an icebreaker merino top.

It was a successful morning with 5 teal and 12 upland geese.

Thanks again and I hope you enjoyed seeing how far afield your coats are getting!

Matt is pictured above wearing our Forester jacket. Apparently a Patriot cap is on Matt’s Christmas wish list this year so he can ‘continue flying the flag down here’.

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